Should I get a high or low setting for my engagement ring?

This is often a step that people forget when they are shopping for an engagement ring - the question of whether they would like a high setting or a low setting engagement ring.

Most people prefer a ring that sits lower to the hand; low settings are perfect to keep it snug and secure for everyday wear.

sapphire ring - sapphire engagement ring - three stone sapphire ring

However, with a low setting, a wedding band will not sit flush with the engagement ring unless the wedding band is a contoured band. Consider wearing the two rings on separate fingers or opting for a higher setting.

High settings can still be secure if designed right. For example, Ma Folie will always add a support bar to a classic solitaire engagement ring with a higher setting. Each one of our styles are customizable so you can decide whether if a high or low setting is right for you.

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