Can I choose the specific stone that will go in my ring?

For rings in our Made to Order collection, or for custom rings - yes, that’s what makes your ring unique. We will email you a selection of pictures and videos of centre stones for you to choose from.

For Ready to Ship rings, these rings are final. If you see a style you like in our Ready to Ship rings but would like it in a different stone, reach out and we can make a custom ring.

Can I make changes to the rings in your Made to Order collection?

Yes, the rings can be as custom as you like. Since each ring is made to order, all styles are customizable. This includes colour, cut, setting, stone size, stone shape, and many more.

Do you make custom rings?

Yes, we do. There is no service fee to create a fully custom order. You only pay for the ring you design. Buy now, pay later option is available.

Book a consultation to get started on a custom ring.

How long does it take to produce a ring and ship it?

For a ring in our Ready to Ship collection, it can ship the next business day. Please allow a week for resizing, if required.

For a Made to Order or custom ring, it generally takes 6-8 weeks for the ring to be ready for shipping. This timeline includes sourcing the perfect gemstone, handcrafting the ring, and express shipping. Good things take time. If you're in a hurry, we may be able to expedite the process for you. Contact us to inquire.

Do you offer diamonds as a centre stone on any of your ring styles?

Yes! While we specialize in sapphires and other gemstones, we love a diamond ring. Reach out to us for a custom quote if you’d like a diamond as your centrepiece. We source both natural and lab diamonds. All diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced.

What materials do you use?

We use natural sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. We do not use lab-grown sapphires, emeralds, or rubies.

We use lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds.

We do not use moissanite stones.

On occasion, we will use other gemstones upon request.

For the band, we use 14k gold, 18k gold, and platinum.

Where are your rings made?

Our rings are made in a downtown studio in Vancouver, Canada by our experienced goldsmiths who handcraft the rings and set and polish the stones.

Where are your gemstones and accent diamonds from?

We only work with well-recognized gemstone and diamond suppliers that ethically source high-quality stones from around the world. Our preferred suppliers are based in Canada. Gemstones are sourced either directly from miners or from suppliers who have responsible relationships with local miners. 

When you select the specific centre stone that will go into your gemstone ring, we inform you of the country of origin. For example, our sapphires are typically from Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania and Montana. Our emeralds are typically from Zambia and rubies from Mozambique. We use diamonds for accent stones and halos that are compliant with the Kimberley Process, and in most cases, Canadian-mined diamonds when available. We also carry lab-grown diamonds. 

Can I supply my own stones or gold for use in a custom ring?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to accommodate the use of personal or heirloom stones or materials in your custom ring, including gold. We are a full-service shop, including sourcing gemstones, diamonds, and materials.

What's your pricing like?

Pricing is dependent on the style, as well as the quality, colour, cut/shape, and size of the stones.

For example, white sapphires are typically the most affordable of the sapphires, while teal green sapphires are the most valuable of the sapphires due to their high demand. Pinks, blues, and greens land somewhere in between.

For sapphire rings, pricing starts around $4,000 CAD.

For lab diamond rings, pricing starts around $3,000 CAD for a 1-carat round DEF VS quality diamond ring.

For natural diamonds, pricing varies. Reach out to inquire.


Is it safe to order a ring online?

Yes! At Ma Folie we offer safe and secure shipping. Our customers' satisfaction is guaranteed but if you're still unsure, book a consultation here with our founder who can answer any questions and help you move closer to finding the perfect ring.

How much is shipping?

Ma Folie provides complimentary shipping within Canada and the United States.

Currently we are only shipping to Canada and the United States. Please note for orders in the United States, taxes and duties apply and the customer is responsible for paying these. The shipping carrier will typically not release the package until these taxes and duties are paid.

Can you ship the ring discreetly?

Yes, we love a good surprise! We remove our full brand name on the shipping label and add an obscure company name for privacy and security.

You can also choose to ship it to a different address than your shared residence to ensure your partner does not come upon the package.

What is your return policy?

For ready to ship rings, they can be returned for a full refund, or exchanged for store credit within 14 days of receiving the package.

For made to order and custom rings, they are final sale because they are made specifically for you. We do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges on made to order or custom rings. However, if during the stone selection process you decide on a different style among our collection or a different size or stone colour, we can work together to make that happen.

What is your warranty policy?

Ma Folie offers a one-year manufacturing warranty on product defects and will replace accent stones 3mm or smaller. The warranty does not cover any damage or chips to stones, loss of centre stones, wear and tear, or the loss or theft of the ring. For repairs outside of the warranty policy, please email us and we can provide you with a quote.

You may choose to insure your ring with an insurance company after receiving the ring.

Do you provide an appraisal?

Upon request, we can arrange one during the production process for $85 CAD + tax. The appraisal is conducted by a third-party — meaning, it is independent from us and provides a non-biased appraisal on your purchase. The appraisal can be used to insure the ring. The appraisal process adds approximately a week to the production time.


What is my ring size?

You can use our printable ring sizer to measure your ring size. Planning a surprise? Take a best guess – the ring can be resized unless it has stones along the entire band. 

How can I get my ring resized?

If you received your ring and it does not fit, we offer free resizing. Get in touch with us if you require a resizing at Just ship it back; we cover the cost of shipping. 

How do I take care of my ring? 

Because of the nature of fine jewelry, it is normal to have wear and tear — especially for rings because we use our hands so much. We recommend that you treat your ring like a delicate piece of jewelry – because it is! Consider taking your ring off when doing household chores, working out, swimming or hot tubbing, applying lotion, or using any other products that may damage the ring.

To clean your ring, we recommend placing lukewarm water and mild soap in a small bowl and cleaning it with a soft toothbrush. Beware of ultrasonic cleaners – not all gemstones can be used in one without damage. If you wish to use one, we highly suggest taking it into a jeweler for their expertise.


Can I see your rings in person?

We hold trunk shows in different cities. Check our booking page to see if we're visiting your city soon!

If you're in Vancouver, Canada, you can come by to our studio in Kitsilano. Please email us at to set up an appointment.

I don't live in Vancouver. What do I do?

We now live in the digital era and don't believe your ring journey should be limited to where you live, especially if you resonate with our story, our values, and our rings.

For out-of-town clients, we work with you remotely. About half of our clients are from Vancouver and the other half are across Canada and the Untied States.

You are part of the process every step of the way. You handpick the centre stone, approve the design, and give the final okay on the ring before it gets shipped to you!

Communication is a breeze via email, calls, or text messages. We're able to share high quality videos and photos of gemstones and rings electronically.

Why should I book a consultation?

Looking for an engagement ring can be an overwhelming experience. We highly recommend a ring consultation. Our founder, Cathy, is a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) professional and can help you through the process.

Our clients have told us how much they enjoy their consultations. Clients enjoy:

  • The personal, intimate experience vs. a traditional jewelry store
  • Learning about sapphires, diamonds, other gemstones, and rings
  • Finding their dream ring
  • Consulting on a custom design.

We hold both virtual and in-person consultations in various cities across Canada through our trunk shows.

Book a consultation here. Let's chat soon!